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TERMS OF SERVICE (Updated 11.05.19)
Please read the following terms and conditions below before authorizing repairs on your vehicle.

Estimates provided by Elite Auto Body are NOT a final bill. Additional damage can be found during the repair process at any given time. Any repairs necessary to complete the work may be billed without notice. If the repairs are covered through an insurance claim, the responsible insurance company will pay any additional costs to the shop directly. If the repairs are being paid out of pocket, it is the customer's, or liable party's, responsibility to cover these additional costs before the vehicle will be released.

This estimate may reflect pricing on parts that may change based upon a Select Service agreement between Elite Auto Body and State Farm. Estimate totals may differ from that of what customers might receive at the time of inspection. Changes may occur without given notice.

It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure enough time is given to the shop to repair a vehicle. Elite Auto Body does not guarantee any repair to be finished on or by a specific date. Additional parts and/or labor may be required after the vehicle's repairs have started, which may cause repair dates to change at any given time. Customers should be mindful when making appointments or planning trips while their vehicles are in the shop. Customers will be notified once all necessary repairs are completed.

All workmanship (body and paint repairs) is covered under a limited lifetime guarantee which shall remain valid for as long as you own the repaired vehicle. It does not cover neglect, damage, and/or abuse. This guarantee is not transferrable. For more information regarding what is covered under the guarantee please contact the shop directly. Should you encounter an issue with your vehicle, please contact the shop immediately so that the necessary steps can be taken to remedy the issue as soon as possible. Failure to do so may result in additional issues that may, or could, arise.

There is absolutely no guarantee on any rust repair (some exclusions apply). Contact the shop for more details.

Elite Auto Body DOES NOT guarantee an exact color match on any bumper cover replacement. Many factors of the refinish process yield different results in the appearance of paint on these parts. For more information, please see the available brochures on bumper cover color matching located at the front desk in the shop office.

Vehicle owners may receive additional updates regarding the progress of repairs; however, it is the owner's responsibility to check with the shop on any status updates for their vehicle. Elite Auto Body will notify customers when their vehicles are completed and ready for pickup. To receive a status update by phone, please call (330) 479-8928 and select option 5.

There are many issues that can contribute to vehicle drift or pull, such as tire pressure, tire uniformity, wheel alignment, age of vehicle, brake drag, road crown, cross winds, spring sag resulting in ride height differences, cargo load/weight distribution, and more. It is important to consider all potential effects when diagnosing and confirming a vehicle drift or pull condition.

This estimate may have been written with the use of alternate parts that are manufactured from companies other than your vehicle's original manufacturer. Elite Auto Body does not guarantee fitment, appearance, or condition of these parts. For genuine fitment, original equipment (OE) parts are recommended. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to pay the difference in costs (if applicable) should OE parts not be covered by insurance. Please talk to an agent from your insurance company for more information regarding alternate parts usage.

New replacement parts (OE and aftermarket) are covered by the respective manufacturer's warranty. All recycled/salvage parts are covered by the supplier, typically for 6 months. For additional details on these warranties, please contact the shop directly or speak with a parts department associate from your local dealership.

Some replacement parts may contain factory defects that the shop is incapable of repairing. Elite Auto Body will attempt to fix any and all defects in parts upfront before the part is painted or installed, however there is no guarantee that these parts will be free from all defects.

Elite Auto Body will hold parts for a maximum of 30 days for customers. If a part is not received before that period ends, the part(s) will be returned and the customer will need to schedule a new appointment.

For vehicles that have NON-OEM accessory parts installed, customers are required to provide documentation and/or sources to the shop in order to obtain an exact replacement match. Should no information be provided, or if said parts are discontinued, the shop reserves the right to replace any and all necessary parts with a comparable substitute, either OEM or NON-OEM, without notice.

Elite Auto Body reserves the right to sign the name of all responsible party members to insurance drafts received regarding any authorized repairs to their vehicle and to take such action, as may be necessary, to negotiate said drafts.

All credit/debit card transactions over $1000 are subject to a 2.5% authorization fee, which will be added to the total before transaction is complete. Elite Auto Body accepts VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, AND APPLE PAY.

An express mechanic's lien is placed on any vehicle authorized for repairs to which a balance is owed upon. All liens will be released once open balances are paid in full.

Elite Auto Body, in partnership with Enterprise Rent-A-Car, provides rentals onsite to allow customers the opportunity to rent a vehicle and receive it from the body shop directly for insurance claims only. For rental purposes, customers will need to show a valid driver's license, proof of full coverage insurance, and be required to provide a major debit or credit card for a hold and/or deposit on the vehicle; until the vehicle is returned and the claim is closed by the insurance company. If the customer does not carry full coverage insurance, the additional purchase of rental insurance will be required in order to obtain a rental vehicle. Renters with spouses will have spousal privileges while renting the vehicle. Additional drivers can be added by contacting any Enterprise location prior to that person operating the vehicle. Some exclusions apply.

In most cases, insurance companies will pay for a rental vehicle for the amount of days required to repair your vehicle. For any reason should the insurance company deny paying for any said days, Elite Auto Body will not be held reliable to pay for those additional days. Rental vehicles should only be obtained once your vehicle is scheduled for repairs and replacement parts (if necessary) are at the repair shop. Elite Auto Body is not responsible for any delays resulting in additional days of rental.

Elite Auto Body is not responsible for paying rental charges after a vehicle is completed. It is the sole responsibility of the vehicle owner to pick up their vehicle in a timely matter after they have been notified that the repairs are finished.

Elite Auto Body is not responsible for theft, damage, or loss of personal property in any vehicle on our premises. Please remove any and all belongings before leaving your vehicle for repairs.

Elite Auto Body takes great pride in its work and always guarantees that our workmanship will hold up for many years after the repairs are performed, but for any reason you should feel that you did not receive 5 star treatment during the repairs, please contact us immediately and let us rectify the issues for you first.

The car owner has read and agrees with any and all of the above claims by arranging maintenance and dropping the vehicle off on the scheduled repair date, and/or by verbally releasing or towing a non-drivable vehicle to the shop. For questions regarding these terms, please contact the repair facility before beginning repairs. All terms are subject to change at any time without notice.

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